Ich liebe einen großen Teil der Filme von John Carpenter, sein Meisterstück „The Thing“ aka „Das Ding aus einer anderen Welt“ nimmt allerdings einen Ehrenplatz in meiner gesamten Filmkollektion ein. Besonders effektiv wirkt er, wenn er im Winter mit einem gepflegten abendlichen Schneesturm vor den Fenstern und mehreren steifen Grogs genossen wird. Es wird einem beim Zuschauen doch ganz schön kalt in den Knochen…

…und mir wird es bei dieser gelungenen Musical-Parodie so richtig schön warm um’s böse kleine Herz, wenn ich könnte würd ich am liebsten locker fingerschnipsend mitsingen. Den Nachbarn zuliebe lass ich das lieber bleiben, der Song macht auch so mächtig Spaß.

Music, lyrics and video editing by Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan

It’s cold outside, I’ve been running for miles,
Helicopter trailin‘ behind.
Hey, it’s a camp, think I’ll stay for a while…
Won’tcha help a doggie out of a bind?

There’s nothing to see here, I’m only a husky,
Your average adorable rover.
But once I convince you it’s okay to trust me,
Your civilization is over!

I can’t wait to see their faces when I spring (yes, sir)
‚Cause they think that I’m a dog, but I’m The Thing!

(I’m The Thing baby.)

Can you tell that I’m not from around here?
Did you know that Things are worse than you feared?
‚Cause I’ve been to a million planets
and I can copy you right down to your beard.

You can check on your ancient computer.
It’s astonishing how quickly I spread.
You can pick up an axe and go crazy,
But I can grow legs from my head.

So, I might be MacReady
Or maybe I’m Doc.
Blair’s been acting awf’lly suspicious.
That Gary’s a liar
Be sure to watch Clark,
and Windows, well he’s just delicious!

So perform your little test.
Hey you found me, I’m impressed!
Hate to interrupt your endless bickering.
Big surprise, guys, I’m not Palmer, I’m The Thing!

Oh, ya really gotta love paranoia.,
More than half of you believe that I’m Mac.
Once you make up your mind you can blow me up
Or you can burn me, I’ll keep coming back!

I could be anyone, so watch those hands doc, ouch!
You’ll either end up dead, or tied to this fucking couch!

Da da-bah dah dah (etc.)

We’re well past the point of silly denials,
So am I MacReady or could I be Childs? (Which one am I baby?)
These poor bastards in the snow,
They were clueless, now they know.
It’s a special brand of nightmare that I bring.
Yes, they thought I was a dog, but I’m… The… Thing!

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